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Class Schedule Updates

The following classes have been cancelled:
Course - CRN Update
SPH227-15624 Argumentation & Debate - Cancelled
ENG093-10165 Cancelled
ENG093-10181 Cancelled
ENG101-10233 Cancelled
ENG101-10231 Cancelled
SPH107-10349 Cancelled
SPH107-10353 Cancelled
SPA102-13780 Cancelled
PSY200-10116 Cancelled
PSY200-10108 Cancelled
ART175-15397 Cancelled
ACT253-15631 Cancelled
MATH116-10818 Cancelled
ACT252-15632 Cancelled
MTH100–15409 Canceled – Pell City
ART175-15650 Cancelled
ART253-15365 Cancelled
ART283-15236 Cancelled
MCM102-15622 Cancelled
OAD201-10524 Cancelled
CIS161-15633 Cancelled
HUM298M-10324 Cancelled
PSY200-10108 Cancelled
PSY200-10116 Cancelled
MTH112-10078 Cancelled
PSY210-10152 Cancelled
CHM111-15611 Cancelled
PHY214S-14350 Cancelled
BUS242-15637 Cancelled
ART233-15202 Cancelled
AET110-15659 Cancelled - Jefferson
AET110-10955 Cancelled - Jefferson
ATM211-152321 Cancelled - Jefferson
ATM181D-15649 Cancelled - Jefferson
AUT136-15228 Cancelled - Jefferson
CHD231-14426 Cancelled - Jefferson
CHD213-15359 Cancelled - Jefferson
CHD210-12997 Cancelled - Jefferson
CMT114-15410 Cancelled - Jefferson
CMT161-14741 Cancelled - Jefferson
CRJ130-15212 Cancelled - Jefferson
CRJ230-15645 Cancelled - Jefferson
CUA204-10738 Cancelled - Jefferson
ELM205-1523 Cancelled - Jefferson
CHD230-12400 Cancelled - Shelby
CHD212-15357 Cancelled - Shelby
CHD205-10288 Cancelled - Shelby
CMT114-15411 Cancelled - Shelby
CMT161-14742 Cancelled - Shelby
CRJ140-14298 Cancelled - Shelby
EMS240-15651 Cancelled - Shelby
EMS242-15652 Cancelled - Shelby
EMS244-15654 Cancelled - Shelby
EMS243-15653 Cancelled - Shelby
AUT130-15647 Cancelled - Pell City
AUT104-15404 Cancelled - Pell City
AUT186-14988 Cancelled - Pell City
SPH107–15372 Cancelled - Pell City
SPH106–15266 Cancelled - Pell City