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Application Process

Fall 2015

Step 1

 For loans, Pell grants and work-study: Go online at www.fafsa.gov (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) the completion of this form does not guarantee you will receive aid.

Use information from 2014 (1040, 1040A, 1040 EZ) Federal tax returns and/or other sources of income.

It is highly recommended to use the Data Tax Retrieval tool on the FAFSA (Sections 3 and 4) for accuracy. If not, a hard copy of the Tax Return Transcript may be required for Financial Aid. The student will need to contact the IRS at (205) 912-5333 or also call 1 800 908-9946 to request a hard copy of this document.

List Jefferson State Community College (Federal School Code – 001022) in step 6 of the FAFSA.

Step 2

 Apply for admission online - (Re-admission if student has not attended the past three terms.)

The Admissions Department will provide the student a user name and password to access their student Pipeline account to follow the progress of the student’s information.

All transcripts or GED must be on file before the deadline each term and financial aid awarded.

It is the student’s responsibility to review their Pipeline account to see any additional requests that may be added.

Step 3

 FAFSA application is received electronically from the Federal Government (up to 3 weeks from when the student submitted the application)

The student will receive instructions on how to do the In-House Application online and accept the terms and conditions.

Additional information may be requested (2014 Federal tax return transcript and verification form). The student can view and print most of these forms on the Pipeline account.

Your official Pipeline award email (with any further instructions) from Jefferson State will list your approved award after all the required documents have been received and verified.

This process normally takes up to 4 weeks to fully process an application.

Fall 2015 Term Deadlines

To guarantee your file will be completed, your FAFSA, transcripts, and in-house papers must be received in the Financial Aid Office by August 14, 2015.

All FAFSA applications received after the priority deadline will require students to pay upfront for their classes. Once the student’s financial aid requirements are complete and if the student qualifies for federal aid they will be reimbursed. No federal aid is guaranteed until the students file has reviewed, processed and completed.

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