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Check Disbursement Process

Class Attendance Verification

In order for Financial Aid funds to post to the student’s account and in order to receive a disbursement check for any funds that are left after tuition is paid, each student must submit a class attendance verification form (CAV). If you have been awarded financial aid, your CAV will be e-mailed to your Campus Pipeline e-mail account the day before classes begin. If you have not been awarded financial aid yet, your CAV will be e-mailed to you as soon as your file has been processed and awarded.
Print the CAV out as soon as you receive it. Take the CAV to each of your classes and have each instructor sign the form verifying that you are attending class. If you are enrolled in an online class, login to your Blackboard. Go to the course content page for your online class, select Financial Aid. The Students on Financial Aid screen will open. Enter your name and student J#, and then select Create Form. You will then see the distance education participation verification form for that online class. You will need to print a distance education form for each online class. Make sure the form has the correct class name and course registration number (CRN). Please note that all distance education forms must be dated on or after the first day of class for each term and within three weeks of the check disbursement date. Return the CAV with instructor signatures and or distance education forms attached to the financial aid office closest to you. If you change your classes during the schedule adjustment period you will have to receive a new CAV with the correct classes and signatures to have a check processed for you.

Check Disbursement

In an effort to expedite the financial aid check disbursement process, your Class Attendance Verification (CAV) must be received in the Financial Aid office. The CAV will be reviewed to verify that all classes are required for your major and the instructor signatures and distance education forms are correct. Then, a disbursement check will be mailed to you within 7 business days. This will greatly expedite the receipt of your financial aid funds. All checks will be mailed; there will be no check pick up. If you have applied for a loan, you must have signed your promissory note and completed Entrance Counseling. If you have received your grant funds in a check before you sign your promissory note for a loan or if you are a 30 day loan student, you will have to submit another CAV for your loan.