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I need help completing the financial aid application or need to check the status of my financial aid.

I need to change my address.

My funds are not showing up on my account.

I am having problems with my Pin?

Do I need to be admitted to Jefferson State Community College before I can apply for financial aid?

Apply for Federal Aid

How do I apply for federal aid? 

What is Jefferson State’s school code?

How long does it take to find out what I am eligible for after I submit the FAFSA?

What happens once the school receives my (FAFSA)?

What will I need to turn into Jefferson State to have my financial aid completed?

What makes me an independent student?

What if my parents don't want to help me pay for college?

How do I submit financial aid requirements?

How can I get a copy of my tax transcript?

What if my parents don't want to provide their private information on the FAFSA?

What if I don't live with my parents?

Who is my "parent" when I file the FAFSA?

 What is verification?

What is the IRS Data Retrieval Tool?

What will I need to turn into Jefferson State to have my financial aid completed?



When do I apply for financial aid?

What is my estimated cost of attendance?

What is expected family contribution?

I plan to attend during the summer term, but when I got my award letter, it only showed an award for fall and spring.

How do I transfer my financial aid?

I received a letter that says I am not making Academic Progress. What does that mean?

How can I be reinstated if I lose my financial aid?

What does maximum number of hours mean?

Do I have to be enrolled full-time to receive financial aid?

If I withdraw from a class how will if affect my financial aid?

Am I eligible to receive financial aid at Jefferson State as a transient student?

Enrolled and Repeated Classes

How do I purchase books with Financial Aid?

Disbursement Checks

Does Jefferson State bill students?  

How do I get my financial aid check?

What is a Class Attendance Verification? 

How do I get my Class Attendance Verification signed if I am taking only internet courses?


What is a Direct Loan?

How do I apply for a loan at Jefferson State?

What is a promissory note? 

What is the Entrance Counseling test?  

Are there any other types of loans I can apply for at Jefferson State?  

Can my parents apply for a Direct Plus Loan?



 How do I apply for scholarships at Jefferson State?


How can a student apply for work study?


How can a student apply their Federal VA benefits?

How do I apply for my State VA Benefits?