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What does maximum hours allowed mean?

The maximum time frame for completing a program of study is 1 ½ times the required length of the student’s specific program. This maximum includes all developmental work taken. A student is no longer eligible for financial aid when he has attempted 1 ½ times the number of hours for his degree or certificate.


  1. If your degree is a 60 hour degree: 60 x 150% = 90 hours maximum time frame You are eligible for only the first 90 hours of attendance.
  2. If a student transfers into JSCC and has attempted 40 hours at another institution, these hours will go against the hours needed for the student's degree. The student who has attempted the 40 hours at the first institution and is attempting to complete a 60 hour degree program at Jefferson State must consider the hours they have left to complete their degree : 60 x 150% = 90 - 40 = 50 hours maximum time allowed for degree funding.