Quick Facts

Library Resources

The library provides a resource page for every course and program offered at the college.  These pages are accessible via the library’s information management platform/website.  Access to the fee-based resources is for authorized users only [currently enrolled students].

Summary of combined collections:

*as of February 2013

Research & Reference Databases

The Learning Resource Centers provide access to over 60 research and reference databases.  These are accessible to authorized users via the library’s website. 


The Learning Resource Centers of Jefferson State Community College have four physical locations: Jefferson Campus, Shelby Campus, St. Clair-Pell City Campus, and the Chilton-Clanton Campus. 

All students have access to the materials and resources on any campus library.  The libraries utilize the campus courier service to deliver materials between campuses and items requested from other campus libraries can usually be received the following day. Students may also return books to any campus library.


A professional librarian is available during all open hours at all four campus library locations to assist students, faculty, and staff.  Additionally, a professional librarian monitors the library’s virtual reference service which is available from the library’s website and on the college’s website.

Computing & Copying Services

All four campus libraries provide networked computing and printing for students.  Wireless internet access is also available to currently enrolled students.  Coin operated copiers are placed at each library for use in copying reserve and reference materials.