Students, staff, and faculty may borrow materials from the Jefferson State Libraries. Additionally, the libraries have cooperative agreements with the following regional libraries:


Please note that the library does not provide textbooks or other course material unless this material is provided to us by individual instructors. Some instructors provide copies of textbooks and other course related material to the library for student use within the library. Not all instructors provide textbooks to the library for this purpose. Any items provided by instructors are placed ON RESERVE in the library. Students may request this material at the circulation desk whereupon the item will be checked out to the student for USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY. Reserve materials may not leave the library. Photocopiers are available for student use at 15 cents per copy. [Please note: the libraries do not provide change.]

It is the student’s responsibility to acquire appropriate textbooks and other course related materials. The library does not disseminate information regarding textbooks. Students are encouraged to contact the Pioneer Bookstore at 205.856.7800 or visit the website to obtain information on textbooks.

Computers & Wireless

All campus libraries have computers for use by currently enrolled students.  Wireless access is also available in all campus libraries.  To access the wireless network, open your internet browser; the wireless connection should be automatically detected.  Enter your Campus Pipeline username and password.

Copying & Printing

Black and white photocopying is availalbe at all campus libraries via coin-operated copying machines.  Copies are 15 cents per page and the machines accept coins only.  The libraries do not provide change.

Black and white printing is available at all campus libraries for currently enrolled students.  Printing is limited to academic use only.

Places to study

All campus libraries provide seating, study carrells and tables for studying.  The Jefferson LRC and the Shelby-Hoover LRC have separate study rooms available.  The Jefferson and Shelby-Hoover LRCs also have a separate multi-media classroom for library instruction or group study.