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Admission Requirements

To enter the Funeral Service Education Program, students must meet prerequisites. All who meet these requirements are eligible for entry into the program. The two requirements are:

AAS Program Admission Requirements

  1. Valid state board of funeral service apprenticeship.
  2. Fifteen semester hours (25 quarter hours) of Funeral Service Education faculty approved English, math, speech, social science and humanities completed. See below.
Course Title Sem Hrs
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 or SPH 106 or  107 English Composition II or Fund. of Oral Communication or Fund. of Public Speaking 3
MTH 100 or 110 or 116 Intermediate College Algebra or Finite Mathematics or Mathematical Applications 3
PSY 200 or SOC 200 General Psychology or Intro. to Sociology 3
Approved Humanities Elective   3


Certificate Admission Requirements

The completion of this certificate allows students to sit for state only examination for funeral directing. It is not accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education. Students are not eligible to take the National Board Examination or any state board examination for which graduation from an ABFSE accredited program is required.

Admission Requirements

All certificate program coursework must be completed within three semesters of initial enrollment. Additional course work for the Associate in Applied Science degree must be completed within three semesters beginning immediately after completing the certificate program.

To be eligible for a certificate, students must: