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Distance Learning Option

The student must complete all professional and academic prerequisites and be admitted to the FSE Program. Academic prerequisites may be completed at any regionally accredited college with prior approval from a Funeral Service Education faculty advisor.

The following courses will have distance learning sections:
FSE 145 FSE 202 FSE 214
FSE 101 FSE 206 FSE 223
FSE 110 FSE 207  FSE 225
FSE 201 FSE 213  FSE 226
BIO 111    
Last Semester

FSE 228 is a work-study course and requires no class attendance. FSE 203 will require a minimum of 90 hours in embalming lab in Birmingham. These hours for 203 may be scheduled on a flexible basis. Review sessions for licensing examinations (FSE 230) will be conducted at Jefferson State while students complete FSE 203.

Distance learning students will be required to sign an advising contract stipulating the schedule of courses for each semester and stipulating that the student will take no longer than four semesters to complete the Program. Students may enter the program fall or spring semester.