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Night Weekend Track Associate Degree Nursing Program

Those who are interested in applying for this program should:
  1. Apply for admission to Jefferson State Community College - You can obtain one at any Jefferson State Campus or go to the Admissions page. Please note that application to the college does NOT mean that you have applied for the nursing program. A separate application to nursing must be completed.
    • To be admitted you must have a high school diploma or GED or be enrolled in high school and participating in dual enrollment or the early college enrollment program
    • Request and submit high school and college transcripts
    • Submit ACT scores if they are available and less than 3 years old
    • Each applicant is required to take the TEAS-V (Test of Essential Academic Skills) TEAS test scores are good for three years. To register and obtain detailed information please visit www.atitesting.com.
    •  Students who have taken the TEAS -V test at another institution are
      responsible for assuring your test scores are received and on file. Unofficial Test scores will not be accepted. For the scores to be official they must be sent directly to the testing office.
    • Take the Math and English placement tests.  These tests are administered each Thursday at the Jefferson Campus and each Friday at the Shelby-Hoover Campus between the hours of 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. No appointment is required. Additional testing times are available during registration; for testing schedule. There is no charge for taking these tests if you have been admitted to the college.
  2. Begin taking the general education courses required for admission and completion of the nursing program. These courses include:
  3. ENG 101 - English Composition I, Note: Developmental English (ENG 093) and/or Reading (RDG 085) may also be required, depending on your placement scores)
  4. MTH 100 - Intermediate College Algebra, Note: Developmental math (MTH 090 and/or 098) may also be required depending on your placement scores.
  5. BIO 201 - Anatomy and Physiology I
  6. BIO 202- Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO 201 is a prerequisite)
  7. BIO 220 - General Microbiology (BIO 103 or BIO 201 is a prerequisite)
  8. PSY  200 - General Psychology
  9. Speech 106 or 107
  10. Humanities and Fine Arts elective