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Organizing Framework

The schematic diagram presented below is designed to show the complete picture of the program of learning. The description of the schematic drawing of The Alabama College System nursing programs is as follows:

The umbrella represents a diagrammatic scheme of the nursing programs’ organizing framework. In order for an umbrella to function properly, it must be unfurled, have all its parts connected and its fabric intact. The nursing faculty visualize the organizing framework in a similar manner. The philosophy serves as the handle of the umbrella and is used to unfurl the curriculum. The organizing framework is composed of four major concepts: nursing, nursing process, human needs and the health-illness continuum. These four concepts are depicted by the horizontal bands on the umbrella. The eleven ribs of the umbrella represent the eleven curriculum threads. These threads are based on the philosophy and the four major concepts and connect the fabric of the curriculum to the pinnacle of the umbrella which represents the program outcomes.

Organizational Umbrella