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The Philosophy of Nursing Programs in The Alabama College System

The philosophy of the nursing programs is consistent with the mission, goals and objectives of The Alabama College System.

 The programs provide curricula to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for entry level employment in practical and professional nursing. The nursing faculty endorses the following beliefs: Health, which is individually perceived, exists when needs are met. Ranging on a continuum from highest level wellness to death, health is a dynamic state.

The goals of health care are to promote, maintain, and restore health. The teaching-learning process is a shared responsibility between faculty and students where faculty serve as facilitators of learning. The successful teaching-learning process requires an environment that promotes learning, considers the needs of the individual, and provides opportunities for student participation and educational goal attainment.

The learning process is based on principles of critical thinking and is enhanced by the presentation of information from simple to complex. Learning is achieved when there is evidence of a change in behavior within the cognitive, affective, and/or psychomotor domains. Individuals have the right to achieve self-actualization and society provides educational opportunities.

Threads Integrated Throughout the Curriculum

Critical Thinking
Cultural Diversity

Teaching / Learning
Legal / Ethical
Roles of the Nurse