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Application Process

If you wish to apply for admission into the Jefferson State Community College Veterinary Technology Program, you should proceed with the following steps:

1. Complete the Jefferson State admission application available online, and submit for consideration (indicating Veterinary Technology as your major code C212).

Please contact Enrollment Services for guidelines on submitting official transcripts. Applicants must meet the minimum general admission requirements for Jefferson State before being considered for acceptance into the Veterinary Technology Program.

2. Submit the following to the Veterinary Technology Program
Deadlines for applying to Veterinary Technology Program

Note: if changes occur in your information after submitting your application to the Veterinary Technology Program, contact the program so that your file may be updated.

After applying to the Veterinary Technology Program, you must contact the VT Department every 6 months to update your application and make known any changes that could affect your eligibility status (work hours, college coursework, etc.) Failure to do so may result in your application being declared "Inactive", which could prevent you from being considered for acceptance.

It is preferred that you contact the Veterinary Technology Program by email at jturnerbloch@jeffstateonline.com.