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Quality Enhancement Plan

What is QEP?

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), is a part of the reaffirmation process the college goes through to maintain its accreditation. It involves several types of research to help identify an area of need within our student population. The college responds by developing a comprehensive plan to address the need.

What did our college select for the QEP?

Our college targeted developmental Mathematics (Math 090, Math 098) as a particular area of need for our students. Our plan allows qualified students to use an online learning environment in conjunction with increased instructor support to decrease the time spent in developmental mathematics.

Who qualifies for the QEP?

Beginning in Fall 2014-15, if you are a student who has taken the COMPASS Placement test:

How do I sign up?

If you are a qualifying student and are interested in signing up for one of the new QEP courses you can contact the instructor directly at qep@jeffstateonline.com to get registered for the course. At this time you cannot automatically register yourself online.

Want more information?

You can speak directly to the instructor or head of the QEP program through the QEP e-mail address qep@jeffstateonline.com.

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