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Frequent Questions

How do I become a JSCC Ambassador?

Where can I find the Ambassador Application?

Can I apply online?

How are new Ambassadors chosen/elected?

Is there a GPA or ACT score requirement for applying?

Who makes up the selection committee?

What are the responsibilities of being a JSCC Ambassador?

What kind of events/conferences will I attend?

What does the scholarship pay for?

Can I receive additional Financial Aid while having an Ambassador Scholarship?

Do I have to maintain a certain GPA while being an Ambassador?

Do I have to be considered a full-time student while serving as an Ambassador?

What are the rewards/advantages for being an Ambassador?

Do I have to re-apply each year?

Will I be required to travel to various Jefferson State Campuses?

Is there a President/Vice President for the Ambassadors?

Do they receive additional money or scholarship awards?

Are all events and meetings mandatory?

Do I currently have to be enrolled at Jefferson State before I can apply?