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Frequent Questions

Do I have to take the entire test in one day?

Candidates taking the GED for the first time are expected to complete the test in a one day sitting. However, there are two exceptions. First is the candidate who applies to the GED testing service and is approved for special testing accommodations. Second is the candidate who can sufficiently demonstrate to the Chief GED Examiner an inability to do this due to transportation, child care, work or family responsibilities. In any case, the entire test must be completed within a ninety day period.

Some centers test on weekdays, some in the evenings, and some on weekends. When you call the test centers, inquire about all the options they provide.

What score is required to pass the GED test?

In Alabama, your total score on all five tests must add up to 2250 points (the essay is not included in this scoring system). The required minimum score on each individual test is 410. Remember, this is the minimum. To achieve the total, you must have an average score of 450 per test.

Is this score based on a 0 to 100 point scale?

No. The scores used on the GED have a different range. The lowest score you can earn on each test is 200, the highest is 800.

How long will it take me to receive my test scores and find out if I passed?

It is usually four to six weeks before you receive your official test results in the mail.

After the GED Test - What happens if I do not receive passing scores on the GED test?

You must retake all test subjects with scores less than 410. If all scores are at least 410, but your total is less than the required 2250, a retest is also required. However, you may choose which test(s) you will take to increase your overall score.

Is there a waiting period before I can retest?

Yes. You may retest after six weeks. However, you may retest only three times in one year.

Do employers and colleges consider the GED to be as goods as the high school diploma?

The level of difficulty of the GED test has been set purposefully high. Of graduating high school seniors who participated in the norm study, 42% failed the GED. Therefore, a GED diploma truly documents that you have high school-level skills. About 95% of employers and colleges accept the GED as a credential equal to the traditional high school diploma.

Will I be able to enter college with a GED?

Absolutely! About 95% of colleges and universities in the U.S. accept GED graduates in the same manner as high school graduates.

In Alabama, all two-year and four-year colleges and universities accept GED graduates into their programs if they have completed the other requirements for acceptance. Some Alabama 4-year colleges may require higher than minimum scores on the GED test and/or additional tests for acceptance and/or placement. Each college has its own application process and requirements. You should contact the admissions office of the school to obtain this information. If you meet entrance requirements, you should also be eligible for financial aid and all other services available to traditional high school graduates.

What if I lose my GED certificate, or what if a college requests an official transcript or GED scores. Where can I obtain additional copies of my record?

If you have passed the GED test within the previous year, you can send a written request to the GED test center where you took the test. They will mail it directly to the college(s) to which you are applying. There is usually a $5 charge for each official transcript request.

The Department of Postsecondary Education permanently maintains the records of all those who passed the GED test. The GED Office is in charge of these records. If you passed your GED years ago and need official documentation, you may call the department's toll-free number to obtain copies of these documents: 1-800-392-8080.